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LEADERSHIP: Time to Think About It at The Free Church
March 24th, 2023
How Big is Your World?
March 10th, 2023
When’s the last time you talked with a Gray Hair?
February 25th, 2023
“Really?…a REVIVAL!?” (Have you heard?)
February 17th, 2023
Seeking and Saving the Buried
February 10th, 2023
Discipleship Insights from a Referee
February 3rd, 2023
Advertising and Discipleship
January 27th, 2023
Is Your Glass Half-Full or Half-Empty?
January 20th, 2023
What is a Pastor?
January 13th, 2023
Taking Time to (Really) Listen... to the Lord
January 6th, 2023
What's the Bible's BIG PICTURE?
December 30th, 2022
Christmas on Sunday: Should We Go to Church?
December 20th, 2022
December 9th, 2022
Are You Expecting?
November 25th, 2022
The Woman Behind Our Nation’s Oldest Tradition
November 17th, 2022
When I Hated What I Needed
November 11th, 2022
Are We Any Wiser? So Far in Proverbs
November 4th, 2022
Who's Your Hero?
October 28th, 2022
The Promises of Proverbs
October 21st, 2022
Parents – Grandparents! Are we meditating on the Proverbs?
October 7th, 2022
The Black-and-White of Proverbs
September 30th, 2022
The Question Most Asked
September 23rd, 2022
Does a Righteous Person Have it Better?
September 16th, 2022
God's Generous Gift- Wisdom!
September 9th, 2022
Does our Church Need to be Unified?
September 3rd, 2022
A Servant who Ransomed the Many
August 26th, 2022
Are You Becoming a Servant, Like the Lord?
August 19th, 2022
Why is MEMBERSHIP Important?
August 12th, 2022
How to Listen to a Sermon
August 5th, 2022
Who's the G.O.A.T.?
July 7th, 2022
Praying for the United States
July 1st, 2022