Parents – Grandparents! Are we meditating on the Proverbs?

Encouragement for Your Heart and Mind from Pastor David Staff

One can hardly read anywhere in the volume of the Proverbs without noticing this is truly an intergenerational book.  No less than 27 times, the writer tenderly yet urgently says, “My son…” followed by some important instruction.

It made me wonder.  How many of us – we who are parents and grandparents – are reading and meditating on the Proverbs?  Why?  So that we can--from both exposure to and experience in these truths—meaningfully share with our sons and daughters about these priceless jewels of wisdom.

There are a few targeted questions which might stir us to important, timely action here.

First, What treasures are you investing in your heart, ready to be brought out and given?
“That’s an odd question,” you think.  Not really.  Jesus said, “The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure produces evil, for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks” (Luke 6:45, ESV).

Is there an abundance in your heart of God’s wisdom sayings?  Are you reading and reflecting on them?  Choosing any to memorize, and then share with your children and grand-children?

Second, Are you thinking of creative ways to share from the abundance?  I get it.  It’s tough to sometimes initiate a conversation with your son or daughter, or grandchildren, about spiritual perspective.  It takes more than just lecturing them at the dinner table.  So it takes extra effort, a creative spark.

I’ve found some traction in writing to my grandkids “Papa letters.”  Yep…old school snail mail.  One of the ways I catalyze spiritual thinking is enclosing fun cartoons from the newspaper which make a spiritual point.  When the kids get the letter, they like the cartoons (I also include candy bars! 😊).  Next to the cartoon, I include some questions for them to answer.  Alongside, I also call (or text) my son and daughter-in-law and ask them to generate the table discussion.

The reports I get back are, “Hey Dad, thanks!  The kids really like getting the Papa letters, and we have great discussions at dinner.”  When we visited them in Texas recently, Ryder (my youngest TX grandson) brought out a manila folder with all my Papa Letters to him.  Big smile on his face.  “I like these, Papa.”

Don’t be afraid to try something creative to generate conversation.  Bathe it in prayer.  The Spirit of God may just be pleased to use what you prayerfully offer.

Third, Have you identified the best Proverbs you want your children (or grandchildren) to know and use?  Proverbs is a large volume, containing approximately 900 wisdom nuggets.  Have you identified a top 10 that you’ve memorized and want to imbed in their hearts?  A good set to start with comes from Proverbs 3:1-12.  Six excellent wisdom compass marks in these twelve verses.

My encouragement to you is to make our current teaching series more than a Sunday morning experience.  Invest in your own heart.  Think of creative ways to talk about them with your offspring.  Identify those you want to see embraced and lived out by the one you call “My son…My daughter.”
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