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Thank you so much for honoring the Lord by joining us in an hour of worship, on this the day of the week God the Father raised God the Son from the dead, by the power of God the Holy Spirit.



INSIDE < OUT: The Control of the Spirit’s flow
Ephesians 5:15-21
Pastor David Staff

Today’s Teaching Notes

3 candidates for what will control our lives…


When’s God’s Spirit controls…



 Can I be actually be “filled” by the Spirit?


The author of Pilgrim’s Progress, John Bunyan (1628-1688), once quipped,

“A man there was, and they called him mad; the more he gave, the more he had.”

Thank you for your giving this past week.
General fund giving (October 4-10):   $12,674.95

Scripture indicates that those who belong to and love the Lord are generous givers.  Worshipfully, please consider giving generously to our ministry.

  • Text to give at 719.249.0374.
  • For in-person giving, black metal giving boxes are located on both bulletin tables by the folding walls and back by the coffee bar.
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Free Church Communities

Sundays, 9:30 AM | You Belong Here

Free Church Communities are groups that highly value relationships and engaging in God’s Word. In these communities, people are known, loved and cared for, and they get to know love and care for others. It’s a place of encouragement and teaching, of serving and being served, of having fun with each other and carrying each other’s burdens. In Free Church Communities we get to experience Jesus through others, and be Jesus to others. We are the church being the church (Acts 2:42-47).

Free Church Communities are primarily based on age/life stage, but those are guides with blurry lines to help you find your community. You’ll find an open door and welcoming smiles in whatever community you find yourself. Fore more information, visit the Welcome Center.

Free Church Communities

Congregational Meeting

Tonight, 6:00 PM

All members and interested congregants are encouraged to attend. Gather in the Sanctuary. Pastor David will be explaining the “Intentional Interim Process” that will be unfolding over the next 10-12 months. The nominations process for a transition team will also be introduced.

Ladies Prayer Group

Mondays, 11:30 AM

Meet in the chapel. All ladies are welcome to attend.

Freedom for Fremont

Tuesday, October 19, 8:00 AM-2:00 PM

Connecting Human Trafficking Survivors with resources & spreading education in the community. Help us put an end to Human Trafficking. 

Learn More

Pastor Appreciation Month

Pastor David | Pastor Loren | Pastor Aaron | Pastor Daniel

Help us send our amazing pastors some love and encouragement! Persons of all ages to write something they appreciate about our pastors and place it in the basket in front of the church office.


Prayer prompts and requests for praying together and in the week ahead:

-Together we make up the church. And as a church, we are called to be unified as one with each other. It should be with a grieving spirit that we see division within the body of Christ. Take time to join our Lord Jesus’ prayer to the Father: that His church would be unified. Humbly ask for Him to reveal any way in yourself that may cause division.

-Pray for the pastors, elders, and leaders of this church and the other churches in the community.


  • For a fresh filling of God’s Spirit, for God’s leading through the IPM process
  • Bret Batson, recovery following foot surgery
  • Kim Beicker, recovery following surgery
  • Carol Gott & family, loss of her husband Dick (Memorial Service here, October 25, at 1:00 PM)
  • Ruby Tedesko, health issues
  • Phylis Valles, hospitalized with COVID

FELLOW CHURCHES & MINISTRIES (local & district): Connect Church / The Peak EFC, Pueblo West

OUR COMMUNITY: Boys & Girls Club and Child Care Workers

MISSIONS:  Merle & Claudia Wiens, EFCA Reach Global, Africa Director

Weekly Prayer Opportunities
Sunday Mornings, 7:45 AM in the Prayer Room

Ladies Prayer Group, Mondays at 11:30 AM in the Chapel

Prayer requests may be submitted in the small crates at the bulletin tables. 

Submit a Prayer Request


As we follow Christ, we commit to serve. Check out opportunities and needs within our congregation.



Thanks so much for joining us this morning. Please stop by the Welcome Center. We would love to meet you and to answer any questions that you might have. 


David Staff, Interim Pastor
Anette Versaw, Church Administrator

Loren Kolman, Pastor of Adult Ministries

Aaron Leggett, Pastor of Gathered Worship

Daniel Van Camp, Pastor of Student Ministries

Sarah Koch, Director of Children’s Ministries

Amy Fourtner, Church Secretary


October 18-23, 2021

Monday, Oct. 18: Ephesians 1:1-14  What does the Spirit guarantee for us?

Tuesday, Oct. 19: Ephesians 1:15-20  What insight can the Spirit give us?

Wendesday, Oct. 20: Ephesians 2:11-14  What access does the Spirit give us?

Thursday, Oct. 21: Ephesians 2:15-22 What is the Spirit building us to be?

Friday, Oct. 22: Ephesians 3:14-21 What else does the Spirit do in us?

 Saturday, Oct. 23: Ephesians 4:1-6  What does the Spirit promote in Jesus’ body?


During this ministry year (Sept ‘21 – June ‘22) the Free Church of Canon City is charting a course through an “interim year,” with Interim Pastor David Staff.

The OBJECTIVE of this year is for this church team to hear from the Lord Jesus in evaluating and sharpening our mission and ministry, leading to the choosing of a future, senior pastor leader.

 Our course will be through 5 stages to accomplish this objective.

 TONIGHT @ 6:00 PM – you are invited to return for a Member and Congregational meeting in which Pastor David will offer both an overview and specifics of our journey through these 5 stages.  Teams will need to be chosen to move this process along.

If at all possible, don’t miss this meeting.  Come with your questions , with a readiness to understand and pray, and your hearts open.  Childcare provided. We’ll see you this evening.